Health benefits:

Strawberries – immunity booster, help to prevent cataracts, cancer, heart diseases, inflammation of the joints, diabetes 2 and wrinkles, also helps regulate blood pressure.
Nectarines – Immunity booster, help to prevent cancer, heart diseases, weak tissue and blindness. They also regulates your pH balance and they keep your eyes, skin, teeth, bones, tissue and mucous membranes healthy.
Greek Yogurt – Boosts your energy and your protein levels, keeps you, your brain and your intestines healthy, good workout recovery food, it keeps your waist in control and it helps you to stay fit.
Shia Seeds – Boosts your energy. Helps keeping your mouth healthy, build muscles, maintain bone strength and mass and also to loose weight. Prevents premature skin aging, high blood sugar, heart diseases, bad cholesterol, inflammations, diabetes and cancer.


Summer is coming and I’m all in for the sandals this year. Slippers to just throw on your feet for the beach, pool hang, or just for a kick back night with your friends. I picked some of my favorites to share with you.
Billabong Women's Beach Brigade Sandals

Billabong Brigade Sandals (see more gladiator flats sandals)

Nike Women's Benassi JDI Swoosh Slide Sandals, Orange
Billabong Women's Golden Tidez Sandals

Golden Billabong Sandals


Venice Beach, absolutely one of my favorite places in LA. Always a lot of people and a lot to look at. Time flies when you’re having a good time, you can be here for many hours without it getting boring!


The parks. There’s a lot of cozy parks here in LA. It’s just so nice to be outside get some fresh air and see people.


Universal studios. Really cool, been here with my school to shoot some short films. But I love it here. After all this is where I want to spend my days in the futures on set!




You can never have to many sunglasses in your wardrobe.
You can never have to much of anything in your wardrobe 😉 Lol.
Summer is coming and some dope shades is the perfect way to protect your eyes.

Le Specs Hatter Scarlet Cat Eye Sunglasses
Sunglasses $12.99

Sunglasses $12.99 (see more lens glasses)

Ray-Ban Unisex Transparent Sunglasses
ASOS Round Sunglasses With Highbar In Full Mix Metal
Jeepers Peepers Round Metal Mirror Sunglasses