Health benefits:

Strawberries – immunity booster, help to prevent cataracts, cancer, heart diseases, inflammation of the joints, diabetes 2 and wrinkles, also helps regulate blood pressure.
Nectarines – Immunity booster, help to prevent cancer, heart diseases, weak tissue and blindness. They also regulates your pH balance and they keep your eyes, skin, teeth, bones, tissue and mucous membranes healthy.
Greek Yogurt – Boosts your energy and your protein levels, keeps you, your brain and your intestines healthy, good workout recovery food, it keeps your waist in control and it helps you to stay fit.
Shia Seeds – Boosts your energy. Helps keeping your mouth healthy, build muscles, maintain bone strength and mass and also to loose weight. Prevents premature skin aging, high blood sugar, heart diseases, bad cholesterol, inflammations, diabetes and cancer.

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